About Us

PLEIADES PERU TOURS is dedicated to plan inspired journeys experiences in Perú to the explorers of our time. We create journeys that will make your “trip” an authentic experience knowing the deep of the Andean Culture.

We want our travelers to get a connection with the Inka Culture past through the wisdom that remains in the present. Pleiades or The seven cabrillas, are seven stars known in the Andean world as “QOLQA” that in quechua language means “BARN OR LIFE DEPOSIT” that is still adore by wise astronomers, Inka´s predecessors that predict the agricultural new year and the men destiny.

The Pleiades guide to the new explorer of this territory to live, discover and find the harmonious balance with the Pachamama. An experience that will remain capture in the explorer´s heart with responsible Tourism practices.

MISSION Organize a customized experience for each exploratory, with professional services and quality products.

VISION Transmit the pride and enthusiasm for our destination: Perú

What explorers Say

  • "I can only say, there was NO other better chance to know Peru ! This group was just amazing ! I highly recommend to have this travel experience with Pleiades ! Thank you so much... !"
    Greg Polsky (Canada)

We are a passionate team with the vision of delivering
the best and exciting experience for explorers

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